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1 May 2006. New Australian Depth Record. Yesterday (April, 29) we bottomed the cave Tachycardia (JF270) in the Florentine valley, Tasmania. The surveyed depth being 375.2m, just bettering Niggly at 374.8m. The final pitch in the cave, Bermuda Triangle, was measured at 170m placing it as the second biggest in Australia after the Black Supergiant in Niggly at 190m. (Courtesy Cave-Tex & Southern Tasmanian Caverneers)

8-26-05 Here's a cool day-by-day journal of the recent expedition to the world's deepest cave, with quite a few pictures.

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4-06 Much-improved Cueva Angeles (Puerto Rico) gallery.

3-4-04 New Gallery from Thanksgiving Mexico trip.

12-24-03 Added 3 shots from Kickapoo Caverns to the Misc. cave gallery.

12-21-03 Replaced most of the Sorcerer's Cave gallery photos with substantially better scans, esp. the Sirion River shots. Added a release and waiver of liability to Caving Resorces

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