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Here's What I've been working on lately:

12-29-21 Currently playing bass in The Coffee Sergeants.

I've been a fan for a long, long time and this muic is a blast. Carey is an amazing songwriter.
Hopefully, COVID on't keep us from gigging much longer becasue rehearsalsare sounding really good.

I wrote up a little thing about finally having the pefect bass rig.

11-26-16 - New Carbon 7 session has been uploaded.

Also, I have been playing in Buzzie the last couple years & should note that here.
Fun power-pop written by John McElhenney.
We'll be playing the International Pop Overthrow on Dec. 10th

Here's some pictures of Buzzie Playing IPO at the Cavern Club in Liverpool.


2-1-15: Carbon 7 now has a Bandcamp page, with 4 albums up for sale in all
sorts of high quality audio formats. I recently re-visited and re-mixed
a session of our from 2012 called Soundtrack To An Eclipse,
which we literally recorded during a partial solar eclipse.
I think it's some of our best work & some of my best bass playing.


9-28-13: I recently sat in with Fred Mitchim's band The Tommy Hall Schedule
at Trailer Space Records on Rosewood ave. & I recorded the show
to 8 tracks on my spiffy Fociusrite Saffire Pro 40. I live this device.

Results are below. Some of the content is variable in quality, but Kingdom of Heaven
really stands out to me. Very vibey & paced. All Songs originally
performed by the 13th Floor Elevators.

1 She Lives in a Time of Her Own

2. Kindom of Heaven

3. Reverberation

4. Levitation

5. Slip Inside This House


10-12-12 The Carbon 7 site is up and running, with about 7 hours-worth of audio on it already.

Before Carbon 7, there was The Atomic Energy Commission, which was me, Dennis Bruhn and Fred Mitchim. Here's us doing a 27-minute version of the Beatle's Within You, Without You, from late 2011.


3-4-12 I've re-mixed the 5 whores songs, and re-posted them on the Whores page, at left, under projects.

My old friends Dennis Bruhn, Ron Tindle & I have officially begun a new
project putatively called Carbon 7. We're playing spontaneous "Space Jazz" & free-form psychedelic
improvizational music. We played for an hour at Junior's in Round Rock on 3-3-12
& didn't run everyone off, much to our surprise. Songs are so last century.


9-16-11 Got together with my old friends Fred Mitchim and Dennis Bruhn in August of 2011
for the first time in quite a while. We just jammed, but Fred recorded it.
Here's 14 minutes of us making it up as we go


9-4-10 Practicing with a new tribute project called
The Yes Men
with my old friends John Viehweg,
Brain Harmer, Mickey McGee and Patrick McFarland"
(doing YesCovers, obviously)

The Dukes of Simpleton have another gig:

March 22nd at Hanover's in Pflugervile.

Links and more info, soon


I'm currently available for sessions
and local gigs.

Pro gear, a stable of vintage basses, both fretted and fretless,
prompt, reliable, professional.

(512) 289-3510

Carbon 7 is a new form of music.

John Viehweg has posted a prettty good assortment of Yes Men & Buzzie stuff to his homepage. I play bass on all the Yes Men stuff, of course.

The Dukes of Simpleton was my XTC tribute project. We play a couple of times a year, in or around Austin.

The Whores was a band of mine in the 1980's

Other The Cat was a one-off studio project that recorded two songs for the King For A Day XTC tribute compilation

Hurlo Thrumbo was another band of mine in the 1980's

I have posted quite bit of random music to MetaFilter's Music section over the last few years.


A Whole Bunch of Music Links

Chalkhills. Everything about XTC

Porcupine Tree The best new British rock band in, like, forever.

Mike Keneally Subversive Guitar Genius!

Tony Levin Bass Player to the Gods.

Iain Matthews Founding member of Fairport Convention.

Douglas Greer is a great roots/Amricana songrwiter with whom I had the priviledge of playing a few gigs last year.

CD Baby A great independent music retailer.

The Bears Adrien Belew & co.

DB Infosource A Baerwald fan site with message board, where Baerwald regularly contributes.

Aimee Mann Former Til Tuesday bassist, now independent artist.

Negativeland No Comment.

Thirteen of Everything is my friend and bandmate Joe Funk's "other" band.

Duncan Watt Chalkhillian with great 5 song E.P.

Fred Michim is a good friend and former bandmate.

Copperdown is my friend Patrick's "other" band.